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Order coffee and espresso as whole beans or ground for numerous preparation methods conveniently in our coffee roasting online store. We roast fresh daily and thus meet the highest standards of quality and enjoyment.

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The Mechanika Slim VI Heritage in a chic retro design. A masterpiece from the house of ECM.

Dear espresso lovers and lovers of espresso with milk foam specialties! It's here: the Mechanika Slim Heritage Line. And it is a real eye-catcher. Small on the outside, wow on the inside and extra beautiful with a noble copper look. It is a masterpiece of quality and precision craftsmanship - down to the smallest detail. As an authorized ECM service and sales partner, we'll be happy to advise you. Just come by. We look forward to seeing you.

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Hand roasted coffee from the drum roaster. Our in-house blends and single origins come in a variety of roast grades. Available as whole bean or ground for various preparation methods.

Our coffee


Our aromatic espresso is created from attention to detail and sufficient roasting time in our drum roaster. This allows you to taste every nuance of our excellent espresso blends and single origins.

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Special gift ideas

How about a voucher for a guided tour of our beautiful roastery? Or as an insider tip a barista course "Latte Art" in different levels of difficulty?

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New: espresso-
maschine & service

We offer espresso machines from different manufacturers. From now on also from ECM and Profitec. Some models we have presented for you here.

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Coffee for tradesmen

We offer: Coffee solutions for offices, contract roasting, private label, coffee catering, coffee machines incl. service ...

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Mobile coffee bar

Rolled in, plugged in and you're ready to go! Our barista is a true artist at decorating the milk foam. Would this be something for your event?

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Whole coffee beans Arabica & Robusta

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Coffee finder

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Our roastery

In our roastery, we offer a diverse range of products to experience coffee in a whole new way.

Our single origin coffees

About us - the coffee roastery with attention to detail

Welcome to the Dresden Coffee Roastery!

It all started in 1999 with a small 5 kg drum roaster and a lot of motivation. In the meantime we belong to the elite of German coffee roasters. In 2011, we were awarded the title "Roaster of the Year". In 2018, "Der Feinschmecker" named us the best coffee roaster in Saxony. This year, too, we are among the best coffee roasting addresses nationwide. We also bear the mark of the German Roasters Guild, the representative body of specialty coffee roasters in Germany. These recognitions do not come by chance. They confirm our uncompromising commitment to quality, which we transform into a delicious coffee experience every day. But the best reward for us is the satisfied smile of enjoyment from our customers.

The basis of our work is the traditional, artisanal roasting process. To this day, it forms the basis for the fact that our coffee and our espresso specialties taste simply excellent. Of course, the capacity of our drum roaster has increased significantly over the years. With our large drum roaster, we can now take up to 70 kg of coffee beans per roasting process at once and refine them according to all the rules of the roasting art.


Who invented it? The people of Dresden.

In the metropolis on the Elbe, there is a long history of savoring the finer things in life. The filter bag for filter coffee, for example, comes from Dresden. The inventor was a housewife whose first name has become a brand name: Melitta. By the way, Melitta-Bentz-Strasse is only a two-minute walk from our location. Now we, the Dresdner Kaffee und Kakao Rösterei, are the modern representatives of this high-quality culture of enjoyment. And we are very proud of that.


The most important ingredient in any coffee or espresso roast: quality.

As is well known, there is no accounting for taste, but not for quality. That means: At the Dresdner Kaffee und Kakao Rösterei you can expect a fascinating variety of sorts, from soft to strong, from fruity to caramelized, from Arabica to Robusta. We offer our house blends, the so-called "coffee blends", as well as exclusive and single-origin coffee from all over the world. Just the way you like it. If you're still unsure which coffee or espresso suits you best, try our coffee finder or take a quick look at our preparation guide. There you'll get great recommendations and tips for your coffee enjoyment. 

But with all the enormous range of flavors - all our products have one thing in common: we never compromise to meet our high standards. This starts with the strict selection of our raw coffee beans. We pay attention not only to the first-class quality of the green coffee, but also to sustainability in cultivation and fair payment of the coffee farmers. In addition, we ensure expert, gentle drum roasting all the way to sustainable, aluminum-free packaging. You notice the difference at the first smell - and at the latest when you take an enjoyable sip from the cup.


The Dresdner Kaffeerösterei - event location for the whole family

We can do more than just coffee and espresso - you can also experience unique moments with us. Our spectrum ranges from a guided tour of the roastery to coffee tastings and various barista courses. During a roastery tour, you will learn everything about the traditional craft of coffee roasting and about the beans that bring the pleasure. If a tour of our roastery is not enough, you can also book barista courses with us, in which you can immerse yourself in the fine art of coffee preparation. Works of art made of milk foam are no longer a problem for you. If you prefer to give our great events to your loved ones, that's no problem either - with vouchers for various events or value vouchers. 

But you can not only visit our roastery, you can also rent it. We can organize all kinds of events for you in our roastery. Just get in touch with us. If you want to learn more about our roastery, go here. Otherwise we wish you a lot of fun in our online store for coffee and espresso. 

Your team of the coffee roastery Dresden.

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